Docker-compose cheat sheet

All the istructions that you need to start a Docker container

Wednesday, January 17, 2024



A cheat sheet to create you docker-compose.yml version: ‘3.8’

Build the image

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web: # build from Dockerfile build: . # alternative to use a folder with more than one Dockerfile: build: context: ./dir # path to Dockerfile dockerfile: #name of the file target: dev # specify the target in a multi-stage build # build from image image: ubuntu image: ubuntu:14.04


Run the service as PID 1. Set this option to true to enable this feature for the service.

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services: web: image: alpine:latest init: true

Expose port

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ports: - "3000" - "8000:80" # guest:host # expose ports to linked services (not to host) expose: ["3000"]

Commands and Entrypoint

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# command to execute command: bundle exec thin -p 3000 command: [bundle, exec, thin, -p, 3000] # override the entrypoint entrypoint: /app/ entrypoint: [php, -d, vendor/bin/phpunit]

Environment variables

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# environment vars environment: RACK_ENV: development environment: - RACK_ENV=development # environment vars from file env_file: .env env_file: [.env, .development.env]

Health check

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# declare service healthy when `test` command succeed healthcheck: test: ["CMD", "curl", "-f", "http://localhost"] interval: 1m30s timeout: 10s retries: 3 start_period: 40s


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# make sure `db` is alive before starting depends_on: - db # make sure `db` is healty before starting # and db-init completed without failure depends_on: db: condition: service_healthy db-init: condition: service_completed_successfully


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volumes: - /var/lib/mysql # anonimous volume - ./host_path:/docker_container_path # bind mount
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volumes: - type: bind source: ./host_path target: /docker_container_path - type: volume # no source. Override the previous volumes for a specific path target: /node_modules


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# automatically restart container restart: unless-stopped # always, on-failure, no (default)


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# specifying user user: root
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# specifying both user and group with ids user: 0:0


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# Starts existing containers. docker-compose start # Stops running containers. docker-compose stop # Pauses running containers. docker-compose pause # Unpauses paused. docker-compose unpause # Lists containers. docker-compose ps # Builds, (re)creates, starts, and attaches to containers for a service. docker-compose up # Stops and removes containers. docker-compose down

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